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AIR Runtime has been released by Harman.

Changes and Issues

3.1 Changes in this Release

3.1.1 Runtime

No changes – the below details will be fixed for all “33.1” version numbers:
Namespace: 33.1
SWF version: 44

The namespace and SWF version updates are made across all platforms and may be used to access the updated ActionScript APIs that will be introduced in future beta releases of 33.1. Note that using “33.0” as a namespace is not valid, and is resulting in behaviors such as VerifyErrors being dispatched at application start-up with built-in class names such as ExtensionContext, Context3D, and others.

3.1.2 Build Tools

Xcode 13 and the latest macOS and iphoneOS SDKs are now being used to build the AIR SDK. The build system for this is on a version of macOS that doesn’t support 32-bit processes hence we cannot generate the 32-bit versions of the stub files. This means that we can no longer support older 32-bit iPhone/iPad devices.

3.1.3 AS3 APIs

Updated AS3 APIs are described in section 12.

3.1.4 Features

github-1387: Switch APK builds so that they use Android Gradle plug-in. When an Android APK build is requested, the default mechanism is now to use Gradle (similarly to how the AAB bundles are created). This brings some parity to the two mechanisms which should help to ensure developers don’t encounter problems with deployed bundles that haven’t been first spotted during local testing. For developers who would prefer to keep using the earlier APK generation mechanisms, a flag can be added to the XML Descriptor File under the <android> section: “<BuildLegacyAPK>true</BuildLegacyAPK>”.

3.1.5 Bug Fixes

github-972: Ensure signing of an App Bundle preserves the file permissions
github-1006: Adding support for 'webViewAllowFileAccess' tag for Android local file access in WebView
github-1340: Ensuring 'resdir' option in XML descriptor can use relative paths
github-1376: Ensuring no-compress settings are used in App Bundle packages
github-1391: Fixing signing block format for dynamic frameworks in macho binaries
github-1392: Android APK: updating Java code generation to target 1.8
github-1397: Ensuring Android package names don't include Java reserved words
github-apm40: Fixing crash when using command-line tools with nativeprocess
AIR-4740: Remove use of sun internal security classes for APK/AAB signing
AIR-5427: AIR Android security update for https certificate errors