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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Bug fixes

  • AIR-6525: Generating stub files for swift libraries
  • AIR-6526: Ensuring ADT does not generate bitcode (for tvOS)
  • github-1984: Removing Linux H.264 video support whilst issues are resolved
  • github-2326: Workaround for Android ANE functions to run in UI thread
  • github-2409: Removing tvOS invalid reference
  • github-2486: Ensuring only one maximize event is sent on macOS
  • github-2517: Check for intent handling before requesting SAF file permissions
  • github-2532: Fixing argumenterror thrown when closing a window after StageWebView.dispose() call
  • github-2533: Attempting to resolve Android content files and launch in default app; Updating Android file handling functions to use Java to fix permission issues; Correcting File.resolvePath() for Android content URLs
  • github-2547: Ensure StateChange Events are sent for maximise events on Linux even if the window has already been resized.