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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Bug Fixes

  • AIR-6707: Setting UDP broadcast settings for ..*.255 addresses
  • AIR-6765: Fixing crash in embedded font rendering cache
  • AIR-6766: ADT rejects iOS ANEs that don't contain universal binaries
  • github-88: Fixing green strip at the bottom of some Windows H.264 videos
  • github-360: ADT packaging IPA files - reducing long ld64 command lines
  • github-1607: Correcting Android Context usage of visual contexts when needed
  • github-2754: Updating JNI reference handling/clean-up for Android file access
  • github-2755: Updating descriptor XSD docs for missing icon sizes
  • github-2771: Ensuring Android content files can be opened/read asynchronously
  • github-2772: Ensuring AIR activate/deactivate events are sent on activity focus events
  • github-2773: Ensuring AIR Android soft keyboard behaviour matches OS
  • github-2777: Dispatch touch events on Android when requested, regardless of the device touchscreen feature flag
  • github-2801: Ensuring macOS KeychainStore certificates can be used without private keys