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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

This release is primarily intended to revert the problems we'd caused when trying to fix #2772 - there are a few other Android-related changes brought into it too. But we're almost finished preparing a "50.2.4" version that will include the new iPhoneOS/macOS SDKs and Xcode version, and will be something people can then use in production whilst we push out the 51.0 branch initially as a beta.

Bug Fixes

  • github-2835: Preventing crash in Android VideoTexture dispose
  • github-2837: Fixing calls to OpenGL for texture set-up to avoid later failure in VertexBuffer
  • github-2864: Ensuring Android screen state is known to avoid black-screen
  • github-2873: Building APK target can use 'all' arch plus the config file to limit the included ABIs
  • github-2879: Reverting github-2772 regarding activate/deactivate events on Android