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New AIR Runtime Release

· One min read

AIR Runtime has been released by Harman.

Bug Fixes

github-183: Fixing crash when cleaning up Windows StageWebView when debugger is active
github-1509/1522/1529: Correcting file dialog handling of properties such as filters and filenames
github-1510: Protected the audio track 'stopped' property from destroyed objects on Android
github-1516: Fixing problem with ANE zips being closed before extracting all Android files
github-1528: Using XML descriptor 'versionLabel' for Android 'versionName' field
github-1531: Ensure event handlers are still called when lower-priority event listeners are added within an earlier handler
github-1536: Detecting Windows 11 version in Capabilities information
github-1541: Ensuring unnamed local variables can still be inspected via a debugger connection