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New AIR Runtime Release

· 2 min read

AIR Runtime has been released by Harman.


github-1724: Adding 'preventDeviceModelAccess' tag in the ‘android’ section of the application descriptor to stop Build.MODEL call
github-1729: Enabling low/medium quality mode on desktop builds via an ‘allowLowQuality’ tag in the ‘initialWindow’ section of the application descriptor file.

Bug Fixes

AIR-5760: Fixing crash in Android font rendering with clip larger than bitmap
github-427: Moving the adt.lic file into a user-specific folder rather than in the SDK
github-1001: Fixing StageVideo full screen viewport on MacOS Retina screens
github-1299: Fixing Android text rendering: invalid text width, and JNI error after long time running
github-1404: Fixing white-screen issue with Android non-full-screen content after the splash screen
github-1584: Handling empty arrays in internal Android resource bytecode generator
github-1654: Removing spurious alpha channel from VideoTexture camera inputs
github-1666: Ensure we don't package multidex.jar from ANEs
github-1715: Updating URLs used in native installers to point to HARMAN AIR runtimes
github-1700: Ensuring Android arch overrides work with new gradle-based APK building
github-1704: Ensuring asset folders starting with underscores are packaged in Android
github-1709: Ensuring correct support for camera input on Linux
github-1721: Skipping APKSigner v2 process if running within JRE < 1.8