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· 2 min read

AIR SDK has been released by Harman.


  • AIR-6395: Implementation of screen mode on mobile platforms
  • AIR-6451: ADT output logging to SDK Manager troubleshooting tab
  • AIR-6475: AIR ANE - ability to use VideoTexture for Android video players
  • github-1777: Ensuring iOS cameras support higher resolutions
  • github-1802: Updating camera maximum resolution to 4K
  • github-1984: Enabling video on linux using ffmpeg
  • github-2073: Adding support for HTTPS_PROXY environment variable to ADT
  • github-2482: ADT certificate creation supporting 25 year default and beyond 2050
  • github-2502: Adding file version information into .exe file generated by windows bundle packaging
  • github-2522: Throw an error if 'new Vector()' is called with an invalid argument type
  • github-2525: Automatically injecting INTERNET permission for debug Android packages

Bug fixes

  • AIR-6037: Updating iOS event handling to fix screen time impact on audio
  • AIR-6479: Fixing instabilities in macOS URL handling
  • AIR-6486: Fixing crash in Android permission manager from CameraRoll storage request
  • github-1830: Updating macho signing to allow replacing of a smaller signature at the end of a file
  • github-2293: Add caching of method closures to reduce memory churn
  • github-2339: Fixing StageWebView location handling across stages and screens
  • github-2385: Ensuring Worker isolates load ANE swf definitions at start-up
  • github-2409: Updating build settings for tvOS runtime to avoid missing symbols
  • github-2481: Fixing performance slowdown when Direct3D window is minimised
  • github-2493: Fixing crash on Linux when exiting fullscreen
  • github-2496: Ensuring any folder structures are created for mac bundle outputs
  • github-2508: Ensuring that dpi-changed resize events are handled during moveWindow