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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.


  • AIR-4357: AIR Android – adding runtimeInBackgroundThread flag to app descriptor
  • AIR-6386: Adding handlers for Developer ID Application certs for .air on macOS
  • AIR-6424: Adding support for TCP_NODELAY via a host name flag
  • AIR-6438: Adding support for content:// URIs on Android
  • github-956: Adding gradle dependencies sections to Android ANEs
  • github-2357: Adding 'onRequestPermissionsResult' mechanism for Android ANEs to use
  • github-2369: Adding a package error if the macOS captive runtime is malformed
  • github-2417: Building support for Apple tvOS applications
  • github-2435: Adding configuration file 'iPhoneSimulator' entry
  • github-2467: Adding Java FREByteArray setLength method
  • github-2469: Removing default Android INTERNET permission injection

Bug fixes

  • AIR-5846: Remove A2712Enabler from SDK/runtime
  • github-2208: Allow activation of windows on Linux even if they aren’t owner/owned
  • github-2339: Ensuring Win32 Webview classes move properly between stages
  • github-2372: Adding a default string for NSLocationAlwaysAndWhenInUseUsageDescription in IPA info plist file
  • github-2375: Fixing framework code resources in IPA signature
  • github-2385: Reverting FDB Worker workaround from - github-399
  • github-2441: Ensuring IPA framework packaging handles universal binaries without armv7