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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Bug Fixes

  • AIR-6609: AIR Android ANRs caused by surface nativeIsXXX calls blocking
  • AIR-6626: AIR Android JNI stability improvements for runtime in background thread
  • github-360: Eliminating duplication on the command line when calling LD64
  • github-1871: Ensuring Android AIR file utils have API-level conditional access
  • github-1871: Adjusting Android openWithDefaultApplication to not need query-package permissions
  • github-2326: Updating Android WebView creation to work in a background thread
  • github-2385: Ensuring Worker start-up continues if an ANE loading fails due to permissions
  • github-2571: Fixing crash-on-exit due to use of permission manager
  • github-2612: Adding support for provisioning profile for macOS app bundle packaging
  • github-2618: Fixing asynchronous XML signature verification
  • github-2620: Ensuring Android secure socket returns the certificate status
  • github-2657: Adding Android lint options to not abort on error