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· 2 min read

AIR SDK has been released by Harman.


  • AIR-6564: AIR Media - basic iOS sound output implementation
  • github-1453: Adding certificateError event for secure HTTP/socket connections

Bug Fixes

  • AIR-4357: Removing deferred framebuffer clears for Android runtime in background thread
  • github-1824: Ensuring AIR apps can run from the root folder of a Windows drive
  • github-1856: Fixing URL session closure on macOS for cancelled connections
  • github-1871: Further updates to support File.openWithDefaultApplication on Android
  • github-2409: Fixing tvOS stub generation and reverting symbol removals
  • github-2535: Don't Activate on _NET_WM_STATE event if the window is being hidden
  • github-2603: Ensuring Android file chooser ignores non-mime type filters
  • github-2615: Updating Android StageText to work in a background thread
  • github-2655: Fixing the iOS certificate security alert message by moving it out from async thread
  • github-2660: Ensuring Android platformsdk is picked up properly on cmdline
  • github-2665: Removing memory leakage in Worker when sending strings over MessageChannel
  • github-2666: Ensuring android CameraUI provider is properly named with air prefix
  • github-2667: Fixing JNI problems with Android TimeZone.availableTimeZoneNames
  • github-2670: Ensuring AIR on Android shuts down appropriately on exit() call
  • github-2671: Preventing Android JNI-detach crash
  • github-2684: Ensuring command-line platformsdk has priority in ADT
  • github-2694: Excluding invalid files from Gradle builds

Note re github-2409 (Fixing tvOS stub generation) - the stub-tvos folder update didn't work in this release, so this error is actually still present; there is a patch library under the github issue entry to resolve it.