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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.


AIR-6707: The earlier update to switch to a 'broadcast' mechanism for any address ending in .255 is now rolled out across all platform binaries. AIR-6809: Building on Sonoma/Xcode 15 for iPhoneOS/tvOS/macOS

  • github-2885: Picking up iOS/tvOS platform SDK version from platformsdk path
  • github-2911: Switching IPA linker on macOS to use ld-classic

Bug fixes

  • github-1194: Adjusting Android lifecycle handlers to avoid black screen in Home/Launcher scenario
  • github-2810: Ensuring AIR copes with UIBackgroundModes being a string as well as an array
  • github-2869: Allowing Stage3D contexts to be created in Android gpu rendering mode
  • github-2888: Moving Android planeKickCascade function into UI thread to avoid exception
  • github-2893: Ensuring BitmapData.decode() works for transparency in PNGs
  • github-2923: Updating LLVM LD64.exe to remove MSVC runtime dependencies