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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Bug fixes

  • AIR-4740: Remove use of classes for code signing - replace with BouncyCastle
  • github-1003: Ensuring Android surface restore copes with different event ordering
  • github-1199: Adjusting VideoViewAIR to prevent UnsatisfiedLinkError when calling JNI method too early
  • github-2409: Adding missing media symbols into AppleTV runtime libraries
  • github-2615: Updating Android stagetext/stagewebview functionality to cope better in background threads
  • github-2642: Adjusting thread handling for iOS audio to avoid glitching
  • github-2863: Ensuring ios webviews are inspectable for debug builds
  • github-2906: Allowing non-latin characters in files for Gradle-based builds (and using gradle for apk-signing)
  • github-2924: Fixing Android VideoTexture flicker at start of video playback
  • github-2950: Ensuring Android ANE .so libraries are packaged in AAB bundles