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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Bug fixes

  • AIR-6479: Thread protection around credential handling in macOS URL stream
  • AIR-6931: Ensure macOS apps installed via AIR shared runtime are always x64
  • AIR-6964: AIR Android manifest additional features should override any from the template
  • github-2010: Re-implementing fix to allow Rectangle ..ToOutput methods to use 'this' as output
  • github-2625: Updating RTMPS code to accept self-signed certificates
  • github-2978: Ensuring APK files are code-signed with a release configuration
  • github-2988: Ensuring URL schemes conforming to RFC3986 are accepted in AIR
  • github-2989: Correcting DER-encoding of macho entitlements for IPA code signature
  • github-2992: Ensuring AABs built using Animate have all the native libraries included
  • github-2993: Adding thread-safety to new audio code to avoid segfault