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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Discussion on the new features can be found here.

New features

  • AIR-309: Adding AS3 API for allowing AS3 to handle HTTPS certificate errors
  • AIR-5963: Add ANE capabilities to render a Sprite using a MediaBuffer - initial support via BitmapData
  • AIR-6012: AS3 API for StageWebView constructor changes
  • AIR-6051, AIR-6053, AIR-6054: AIR zip support: Basic reading in of zip files to get entry details
  • AIR-6063: Updated OpenSSL-based ELS key storage
  • AIR-6279: AIR runtime support for float (removing float4 code)
  • AIR-6288: AIR AS3 API for encrypting and decrypting a byte array
  • AIR-6425: AS3 API for Socket.tcpNoDelay setting
  • AIR-6579: AS3 String startsWith and endsWith
  • AIR-6580: Add 'includes' and 'isEmpty' to Array and Vector classes
  • AIR-6581: Adding ByteArray conversions to/from base16 and base64
  • AIR-6707: Adding DatagramSocket.broadcast() method for UDP broadcasts
  • AIR-6752: AIR Digest to include SHA-512 support
  • AIR-6991: ByteArray write random bytes
  • AIR-6992: Update SWF tag encryption to support custom keys
  • AIR-7018: ADT move all iOS linker inputs into a single folder structure
  • github-216: Support for WebSocket servers
  • github-1242: Allow images in HTML text fields via 'allowedDomains' property
  • github-1858: Adding horizontal mouse wheel support
  • github-1936: Allow windows.UseWebView2 'exclusive' mode to prevent IE/WebBrowser usage
  • github-2625: Adding NetworkInfo.disableNetworkChanges flag to prevent socket disconnects
  • github-2742: Adding Function.declaration property to find details of a function
  • github-3060: AS3 StageTextContentType class for StageText support for OTP SMS entry

Bug fixes

  • AIR-6840: FileReference.upload() to cope with binary file responses (Windows)
  • github-2318: Removing StageVideo viewport coordinate limits for AIR 51 apps
  • github-3024: Removing StageWebView viewport coordination limits for AIR 51 apps
  • github-3062: Updating Win32 camera handling to include better fallbacks where direct connect fails