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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

New features

  • AIR-6054: Adding support for file modification times for zip entries
  • AIR-6055: AIR Zip support for creation and saving of zip archives
  • AIR-7046: Adding ZipArchive.load/saveFromByteArray implementations
  • AIR-6866: Enable NativeWindow class for Android
  • AIR-7018: ADT add IPALinkFolder build configuration and linker script for macOS remote build
  • AIR-7044: AIR TextLine embedded fonts to support COLR tables
  • AIR-7045: AIR TextLine embedded fonts to support CBDT tables
  • github-149: Implementing FontDescription.createFromByteArray to load an OpenType/TrueType font for FTE
  • github-216: WebSocket client connection and handshaking
  • github-pad20: Updating to accept IDataInput argument

Bug fixes

  • AIR-6743: Update icon list in descriptor XSD
  • AIR-7031: AIRSDK Android dependency lists
  • AIR-7035: String.fromCharCode() should support all unicode code points
  • AIR-7036: Adding platform-specific fallback fonts for Emoji character ranges in Flash Text Engine
  • AIR-7059: Fixing AIR crash on iOS around network authentication (see AIR-6479)
  • github-1917: Correcting Linux bundle creation to support ARM64 ANEs
  • github-2807: Removing ANRs caused by access of nativeGetTextBoxBounds from wrong thread
  • github-2871: Switching to a 64-bit version of the LLVM ld64 linker
  • github-3098: Allowing a/v data access for NetStream in data generation mode
  • github-3102: Preventing crash when using Workers in a beta/prerelease build
  • github-3106: MacOS EncryptedLocalStore updating key storage mechanisms