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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Release includes a number of bug fixes that had been provided also within the 51.0 pre- release branch but were also considered useful to release into production at an earlier date, across various different platforms.

Bug fixes

  • AIR-7028: AIR Android file permission callbacks not always called
  • AIR-7029: AIR Android applicationDirectory files may not be accessible
  • AIR-7035: String.fromCharCode() should support all unicode code points
  • AIR-7059: Fixing AIR crash on iOS around network authentication (see AIR-6479)
  • github-2610: Ensuring Win32 timezone retrieval works for default tz when not dynamic
  • github-2807: Removing ANRs caused by access of nativeGetTextBoxBounds from wrong thread
  • github-2903: Fixing instability when breaking into a debugger on uncaught error
  • github-3049: Eliminating instability in GC following socket thread querying the app descriptor
  • github-3062: Updating Win32 camera handling to include better fallbacks where direct connect fails
  • github-3087: Correcting invalid scheme detection to prevent false-flagging of relative paths
  • github-3098: Allowing a/v data access for NetStream in data generation mode