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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Release of the AIR SDK is a feature update in order to provide some of the additional capabilities required to support Privacy Manifests for iPhone/iPad applications. There are some other minor functional changes plus recent bug fixes that have been implemented.


  • AIR-6288: Implementation of digests and encryption using CommonCrypto for mac/ios
  • AIR-6979: Colour profile conversion for macOS displays
  • github-907: Adding support for fileType icon size 256x256
  • github-3010: Provide mechanism for remote linking an IPA's executables on a macOS machine
  • github-3108: Updating AIR xml signatures to use SHA-256 for signed info
  • github-3116: Adding support for PrivacyAdditions tag
  • github-3171: Allow Android manifestAdditions to override activity's screenOrientation attribute
  • github-3172: Mac bundle creation to generate CFBundleDisplayName tag
  • github-3173: Mac bundle creation to generate CFBundleSupportedPlatforms tag

Bug fixes

  • AIR-6054: Ensuring zip extraction creates subfolders where needed
  • github-2409: Including new AS3 implementations into tvOS runtime
  • github-2903: Fixing instability when breaking into a debugger on uncaught error
  • github-2976: Adding 'property' as a supported Android Manifest tag
  • github-3049: Ensuring we avoid the hang on debugger on iOS with nagle check
  • github-3049: Eliminating instability in GC following socket thread querying the app descriptor
  • github-3098: Ensuring a/v from NetStream.appendBytes() works with SoundMixer.computeSpectrum()
  • github-3126: Fixing issue with Loader.loadBytes() throwing errors in Workers
  • github-3154: Preventing iOS worker crash caused by background alert
  • github-3160: Ensuring Linux bundles can be created even if the rpm/deb identification checks fail
  • github-3195: Fixing crash in Worker start-up caused by lack of Stage

For the "remote linker" capability on macOS, please read the details in the release notes PDF! Section 7.2, pp 20-22. Feedback welcomed!