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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Bug fixes

  • AIR-6054: Fixing zip file type flags for DOS attributes
  • AIR-7090: Fixing crashes when shutting down due to OOM signal on Windows
  • AIR-7097: AS3 JIT failure on Android arm64 for double conversion
  • AIR-7100: Crash in AIR on rasterisation of bitmap/texture with zero dimension
  • AIR-7101: AIR Windows 32-bit should support large addresses
  • AIR-7102: Cannot build for iPhoneSimulator if using native codesign
  • AIR-7111: ADT tries to validate externalSwfs even for non-iOS builds
  • github-15: Ensuring NetStream SoundTransform on iOS can reduce the volume
  • github-162: Ensuring large scaled-down bitmaps don't cause maths overflows
  • github-1316: Ensuring NetStream.appendBytes() uses all frames in correct order on Windows
  • github-2303: Linux EncryptedLocalStore fallback to file system for sudo usage
  • github-2625: Eliminating spurious networkChanged events from private ipv6 updates
  • github-3173: Updating CFBundleSupportedPlatforms entry to be an array
  • github-3212: Ensuring is allowed (only) in data generation mode
  • github-3229: Ensuring SWF security context isn't affected when using NetStream data generation mode
  • github-3231: Ensuring mac socket data events occur more frequently
  • github-3236: Ensuring Android Gradle builds work with compileSdk > 33 and minSdk < 24
  • github-3242: Ensuring externalSwfs file list can cope with backslash in paths
  • github-3245: ELS does not overwrite short values with long values
  • github-3247: Adding debug output for when an external SWF can't be parsed
  • github-3249: Ensuring local variables can be accessed via the debugger
  • github-3251: iOS https crash after connecting via http
  • github-3264: Ensuring TextField autoscroll works for final line visibility