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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.

Bug fixes

  • AIR-7127: Correct code-signing package ID for an iOS framework containing a bundle
  • github-2362: Ensuring correct bounds for objects drawn using line style with a miter
  • github-3039: Ensuring macOS clipboard works after system restart
  • github-3271: Fixing arm64 JIT handling of 64-bit signed intptr atom to double type
  • github-3274: Ensuring WebSocket uses port 443 for wss, and use case insensitive http headers
  • github-3274: Ensuring websocket copes with root path and uses non-default port in host header
  • github-3283: Ensuring ELS setItem() works after a reset()
  • github-3283: Improving stability, error checking and async access of Encrypted Local Store
  • github-3287: Handling mediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction parameter correctly within StageWebView
  • github-3288: Ensuring macOS FontEngine copes if a font doesn't have colr/cblc tables