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ADT -certificate

The -certificate command lets you create a self-signed digital code signing certificate. The command uses the following syntax:

adt -certificate 
-cn name
-ou orgUnit
-o orgName
-c country
-validityPeriod years


The string assigned as the common name of the new certificate.


A string assigned as the organizational unit issuing the certificate. (Optional.)


A string assigned as the organization issuing the certificate. (Optional.)


A two-letter ISO-3166 country code. A certificate is not generated if an invalid code is supplied. (Optional.)


The number of years that the certificate will be valid. If not specified a validity of five years is assigned. (Optional.)


The type of key to use for the certificate is 2048-RSA.


The path and file name for the certificate file to be generated.


The password for accessing the new certificate. The password is required when signing AIR files with this certificate.