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Working with dates and times

Timing might not be everything, but it's usually a key factor in software applications. ActionScript 3.0 provides powerful ways to manage calendar dates, times, and time intervals. Two main classes provide most of this timing functionality: the Date class and the new Timer class in the flash.utils package.

Dates and times are a common type of information used in ActionScript programs. For instance, you might need to know the current day of the week or to measure how much time a user spends on a particular screen, among many other possibilities. In ActionScript, you can use the Date class to represent a single moment in time, including date and time information. Within a Date instance are values for the individual date and time units, including year, month, date, day of the week, hour, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, and time zone. For more advanced uses, ActionScript also includes the Timer class, which you can use to perform actions after a certain delay or at repeated intervals.

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