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· 2 min read

AIR SDK has been released by Harman.


  • AIR-5912: Adding the ability to capture Android device logs via ADT
  • AIR-5878: Changes for new Android Scout companion app for Android 12 support
  • github-1818: Adding new ADT targets 'android-studio' and 'android-studio-debug'
  • github-1866: Add support for certificate generation with RSA-4096 keys

Bug Fixes

  • AIR-331: Defaulting Android manifests to use a high max_aspect ratio
  • AIR-5864: BitmapData.draw doesn't cope above 8192 pixels
  • AIR-5895: Scout - add query section to AIR Android manifests
  • AIR-5901: Moving macOS ANE frameworks into Contents/Frameworks
  • github-964: Ensuring stage color changes force a refresh in direct mode
  • github-1641: Ensuring StageWebView does not send navigation error events when the navigation was deliberately cancelled
  • github-1742: Updating NAIB to display errors if an installer is used without the AIR runtime
  • github-1824: Re-introducing support for HTML-based AIR applications via native StageWebView
  • github-1847: Updating HTMLLoader to not throw on API errors - and 1x1 objects made invisible
  • github-1860: Updating EGL configuration choice for depth/stencil buffers
  • github-1875: Fixing crash on macOS caused by user home folder permissions
  • github-1878: Updating default player/swf versions to 33.1/44 in the AS compiler