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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.


  • AIR-5964: Updating Falcon2 compiler to merge ABC blocks within SWC libraries
  • github-1829: Encrypted Local Store support on Linux

Bug Fixes

  • AIR-5931: Fixing CRL issue 'Extension of the wrong type' when signing an AIR package
  • AIR-5932: Switching AAB jar-signing JDK detection to new build configuration
  • AIR-5990: Fixing problem running ADL from Animate on Apple M1 hardware
  • github-1856: Fixing URL session and connection reuse on macOS
  • github-1875: Fixing crash on macOS caused by user home folder permissions
  • github-1905: Ensuring Android 'queries' manifest section supports 'intent' sub-items
  • github-1912: Implementing support for omit-trace-statements, by default omitting only in release mode
  • github-1915: Fixing crash when calling Graphics.readGraphicsData() on Android-GPU
  • github-1923: Ensuring apk-debug and aab-debug builds use the debug gradle configurations
  • github-1936: Correcting StageWebView.isSupported to reflect availability of any native webview
  • github-1952: Fixing Android crash when viewing Video after VideoTexture