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AIR SDK has been released by Harman.


  • AIR-5964: Reverting the merging of ABC blocks in SWCs
  • github-1963: Allowing the app descriptor to limit the Direct3D version level (using a new descriptor option <maxD3D> under the <windows> section)
  • github-2014: Adding 'ignore' option for autoOrients to avoid using OrientationEventListener

Bug Fixes

  • github-402: Sending ByteArray from Worker cause Adobe Scout show incorrect memory consumption
  • github-1950: Cleaning up local JNI references to avoid Java OutOfMemory errors
  • github-1965: Fixing runtimeClases.jar file format to remove directory entries, and enabling jetifier
  • github-1973: Removing exe and dll files from the Linux and macOS SDK zips
  • github-1974: Reworking omit-trace-statements to ensure the compiler still works within Flash Builder
  • github-2010: Fixing error in Rectangle.unionToOutput if 'this' object is the same as 'output' parameter
  • github-2042, github-2047: Fixing problem with autoOrients setting being skipped