The flash.html package contains classes used for including HTML content in an AIR application. The HTMLControl class is a display object that can render HTML content. The other classes support functionality related to HTMLControl object. This package is only available to content running in the AIR runtime.

 HTMLHistoryItem An HTMLHistoryItem object describes a location in the navigation history of an HTMLLoader object.
 HTMLHost An HTMLHost object defines behaviors of an HTMLLoader object for user interface elements that can be controlled by setting various properties or by calling various methods of the window object of the HTML page.
 HTMLPDFCapability The HTMLPDFCapability class contains possible values of the pdfCapability property of an HTMLLoader object.
 HTMLSWFCapability The HTMLSWFCapability class contains possible values of the swfCapability property of an HTMLLoader object.
 HTMLWindowCreateOptions This class defines the options that can be specified when JavaScript running in an HTMLLoader object tries to create a new HTML window by calling the method.