AuthenticationMethod The AuthenticationMethod class provides string constants enumerating the different types of authentication used by the authenticationMethod property of the DRMContentData class.
 DRMContentData The DRMContentData class provides the information required to obtain the voucher necessary to view DRM-protected content.
 DRMDeviceGroup A device group signifies a group of playback devices that shares protected-content playback rights.
 DRMManager The DRMManager manages the retrieval and storage of the vouchers needed to view DRM-protected content.
 DRMPlaybackTimeWindow The DRMPlaybackTimeWindow class represents the period of time during which a DRM voucher is valid.
 DRMVoucher The DRMVoucher class is a handle to the license token that allows a user to view DRM-protected content.
 LoadVoucherSetting The LoadVoucherSetting class provides string constants for use with the settings parameter of the DRMManager loadVoucher() method.
 VoucherAccessInfo A VoucherAccessInfo object presents the information that is required to successfully retrieve and consume a voucher, such as the type of authentication and the content domain of the media rights server.