The flash.desktop package contains classes used for copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop operations, as well as the Icon class, used to define system icons used by a file.

 IFilePromise The IFilePromise interface defines the interface used by the AIR runtime to read data for a file promise.
 Clipboard The Clipboard class provides a container for transferring data and objects through the clipboard.
 ClipboardFormats The ClipboardFormats class defines constants for the names of the standard data formats used with the Clipboard class.
 ClipboardTransferMode The ClipboardTransferMode class defines constants for the modes used as values of the transferMode parameter of the Clipboard.getData() method.
 DockIcon The DockIcon class represents the Mac OS X®-style dock icon.
 Icon The Icon class represents an operating system icon.
 InteractiveIcon The InteractiveIcon class is the base class for the operating system icons associated with applications.
 InvokeEventReason The InvokeEventReason class enumerates values returned by the reason property of an InvokeEvent object.
 NativeApplication The NativeApplication class represents this AIR application.
 NativeDragActions The NativeDragActions class defines string constants for the names of the drag-and-drop actions.
 NativeDragManager The NativeDragManager class coordinates drag-and-drop operations.
 NativeDragOptions The NativeDragOptions class defines constants for the names of drag-and-drop actions allowed in a drag-and-drop operation.
 NativeProcess The NativeProcess class provides command line integration and general launching capabilities.
 NativeProcessStartupInfo This class provides the basic information used to start a process on the host operating system.
 NotificationType The NotificationType class defines constants for use in the priority parameter of the DockIcon bounce() method and the type parameter of the NativeWindow notifyUser() method.
 SystemIdleMode The SystemIdleMode class provides constant values for system idle behaviors.
 SystemTrayIcon The SystemTrayIcon class represents the Windows® taskbar notification area (system tray)-style icon.
 Updater The Updater class is used to update the currently running application with a different version.