The package contains classes for sending and receiving from the network, such as URL downloading and Flash Remoting.

 getClassByAlias Looks up a class that previously had an alias registered through a call to the registerClassAlias() method.
 navigateToURL Opens or replaces a window in the application that contains the Flash Player container (usually a browser).
 registerClassAlias Preserves the class (type) of an object when the object is encoded in Action Message Format (AMF).
 sendToURL Sends a URL request to a server, but ignores any response.
 IDynamicPropertyOutput This interface controls the serialization of dynamic properties of dynamic objects.
 IDynamicPropertyWriter This interface is used with the IDynamicPropertyOutput interface to control the serialization of dynamic properties of dynamic objects.
 DatagramSocket The DatagramSocket class enables code to send and receive Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets.
 FileFilter The FileFilter class is used to indicate what files on the user's system are shown in the file-browsing dialog box that is displayed when the FileReference.browse() method, the FileReferenceList.browse() method is called or a browse method of a File, FileReference, or FileReferenceList object is called.
 FileReference The FileReference class provides a means to upload and download files between a user's computer and a server.
 FileReferenceList The FileReferenceList class provides a means to let users select one or more files for uploading.
 GroupSpecifier The GroupSpecifier class is used to construct the opaque groupspec strings that can be passed to NetStream and NetGroup constructors.
 InterfaceAddress The InterfaceAddress class reports the properties of a network interface address.
 IPVersion The IPVersion class defines constants representing the different families of IP addresses.
 LocalConnection The LocalConnection class lets you create a LocalConnection object that can invoke a method in another LocalConnection object.
 NetConnection The NetConnection class creates a two-way connection between a client and a server.
 NetGroup Instances of the NetGroup class represent membership in an RTMFP group.
 NetGroupInfo The NetGroupInfo class specifies various Quality of Service (QoS) statistics related to a NetGroup object's underlying RTMFP Peer-to-Peer data transport.
 NetGroupReceiveMode The NetGroupReceiveMode class is an enumeration of constant values used for the receiveMode property of the NetGroup class.
 NetGroupReplicationStrategy The NetGroupReplicationStrategy class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the replicationStrategy property of the NetGroup class.
 NetGroupSendMode The NetGroupSendMode class is an enumeration of constant values used for the sendMode parameter of the NetGroup.sendToNeighbor() method.
 NetGroupSendResult The NetGroupSendResult class is an enumeration of constant values used for the return value of the Directed Routing methods associated with a NetGroup instance.
 NetMonitor The NetMonitor class maintains a list of NetStream objects.
 NetStream The NetStream class opens a one-way streaming channel over a NetConnection.
 NetStreamAppendBytesAction The NetStreamAppendBytesAction class is an enumeration of the constants you can pass to the NetStream.appendBytesAction() method.
 NetStreamInfo The NetStreamInfo class specifies the various Quality of Service (QOS) statistics and other information related to a NetStream object and the underlying streaming buffer for audio, video, and data.
 NetStreamMulticastInfo The NetStreamMulticastInfo class specifies various Quality of Service (QoS) statistics related to a NetStream object's underlying RTMFP Peer-to-Peer and IP Multicast stream transport.
 NetStreamPlayOptions The NetStreamPlayOptions class specifies the various options that can be passed to the NetStream.play2() method.
 NetStreamPlayTransitions The NetStreamPlayTransitions class specifies the valid strings that you can use with the NetStreamPlayOptions.transition property.
 NetworkInfo The NetworkInfo class provides information about the network interfaces on a computer.
 NetworkInterface The NetworkInterface class describes a network interface.
 ObjectEncoding The ObjectEncoding class is used in defining serialization settings in classes that serialize objects (such as FileStream, NetStream, NetConnection, SharedObject, and ByteArray) to work with prior versions of ActionScript.
 Responder The Responder class provides an object that is used in to handle return values from the server related to the success or failure of specific operations.
 SecureSocket The SecureSocket class enables code to make socket connections using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.
 ServerSocket The ServerSocket class allows code to act as a server for Transport Control Protocol (TCP) connections.
 SharedObject The SharedObject class is used to read and store limited amounts of data on a user's computer or on a server.
 SharedObjectFlushStatus The SharedObjectFlushStatus class provides values for the code returned from a call to the SharedObject.flush() method.
 Socket The Socket class enables code to establish Transport Control Protocol (TCP) socket connections for sending and receiving binary data.
 URLLoader The URLLoader class downloads data from a URL as text, binary data, or URL-encoded variables.
 URLLoaderDataFormat The URLLoaderDataFormat class provides values that specify how downloaded data is received.
 URLRequest The URLRequest class captures all of the information in a single HTTP request.
 URLRequestDefaults The URLRequestDefaults class includes static properties that you can set to define default values for the properties of the URLRequest class.
 URLRequestHeader A URLRequestHeader object encapsulates a single HTTP request header and consists of a name/value pair.
 URLRequestMethod The URLRequestMethod class provides values that specify whether the URLRequest object should use the POST method or the GET method when sending data to a server.
 URLStream The URLStream class provides low-level access to downloading URLs.
 URLVariables The URLVariables class allows you to transfer variables between an application and a server.
 XMLSocket The XMLSocket class implements client sockets that let the Flash Player or AIR application communicate with a server computer identified by an IP address or domain name.