The flash.text package contains classes for working with text fields, text formatting, text metrics, style sheets, and layout. Advanced anti-aliasing is available in Flash Player 8 and later through the flash.text.TextFormat and flash.text.TextRenderer classes.

 AntiAliasType The AntiAliasType class provides values for anti-aliasing in the flash.text.TextField class.
 AutoCapitalize The AutoCapitalize class defines constants for the autoCapitalize property of the StageText class.
 CSMSettings The CSMSettings class contains properties for use with the TextRenderer.setAdvancedAntiAliasingTable() method to provide continuous stroke modulation (CSM).
 Font The Font class is used to manage embedded fonts in SWF files.
 FontStyle The FontStyle class provides values for the TextRenderer class.
 FontType The FontType class contains the enumerated constants "embedded" and "device" for the fontType property of the Font class.
 GridFitType The GridFitType class defines values for grid fitting in the TextField class.
 ReturnKeyLabel The ReturnKeyLabel class defines the values to use for the returnKeyLabel property of the StageText class.
 SoftKeyboardType The SoftKeyboardType class defines the types of soft keyboards for mobile applications.
 StageText The StageText class is used to present the user with a native text input field.
 StageTextClearButtonMode This class defines an enumeration that provides option for clearButton.
 StageTextContentType The StageTextContentType class defines the content type/hint that is provided to mobile operating systems when using a StageText text input control.
 StageTextInitOptions The StageTextInitOptions class defines the options available for initializing a StageText object.
 StaticText This class represents StaticText objects on the display list.
 StyleSheet The StyleSheet class lets you create a StyleSheet object that contains text formatting rules for font size, color, and other styles.
 TextColorType The TextColorType class provides color values for the flash.text.TextRenderer class.
 TextDisplayMode The TextDisplayMode class contains values that control the subpixel anti-aliasing of the advanced anti-aliasing system.
 TextExtent The TextExtent class contains information about the extents of some text in a text field.
 TextField The TextField class is used to create display objects for text display and input.
 TextFieldAutoSize The TextFieldAutoSize class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the autoSize property of the TextField class.
 TextFieldType The TextFieldType class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the type property of the TextField class.
 TextFormat The TextFormat class represents character formatting information.
 TextFormatAlign The TextFormatAlign class provides values for text alignment in the TextFormat class.
 TextInteractionMode A class that defines the Interactive mode of a text field object.
 TextLineMetrics The TextLineMetrics class contains information about the text position and measurements of a line of text within a text field.
 TextRenderer The TextRenderer class provides functionality for the advanced anti-aliasing capability of embedded fonts.
 TextSnapshot TextSnapshot objects let you work with static text in a movie clip.