The flash.geom package contains geometry classes, such as points, rectangles and transformation matrixes, to support the BitmapData class and the bitmap caching feature.

 ColorTransform The ColorTransform class lets you adjust the color values in a display object.
 Matrix The Matrix class represents a transformation matrix that determines how to map points from one coordinate space to another.
 Matrix3D The Matrix3D class represents a transformation matrix that determines the position and orientation of a three-dimensional (3D) display object.
 Orientation3D The Orientation3D class is an enumeration of constant values for representing the orientation style of a Matrix3D object.
 PerspectiveProjection The PerspectiveProjection class provides an easy way to assign or modify the perspective transformations of a display object and all of its children.
 Point The Point object represents a location in a two-dimensional coordinate system, where x represents the horizontal axis and y represents the vertical axis.
 Rectangle A Rectangle object is an area defined by its position, as indicated by its top-left corner point (x, y) and by its width and its height.
 Transform The Transform class provides access to color adjustment properties and two- or three-dimensional transformation objects that can be applied to a display object.
 Utils3D The Utils3D class contains static methods that simplify the implementation of certain three-dimensional matrix operations.
 Vector3D The Vector3D class represents a point or a location in the three-dimensional space using the Cartesian coordinates x, y, and z.