The flash.ui package contains user interface classes, such as classes for interacting with the mouse and keyboard.

 ContextMenu The ContextMenu class provides control over the items displayed in context menus.
 ContextMenuBuiltInItems The ContextMenuBuiltInItems class describes the items that are built in to a context menu.
 ContextMenuClipboardItems The ContextMenuClipboardItems class lets you enable or disable the commands in the clipboard context menu.
 ContextMenuItem The ContextMenuItem class represents an item in the context menu.
 GameInput The GameInput class is the entry point into the GameInput API.
 GameInputControl The GameInputControl class represents a control on an input device.
 GameInputDevice The GameInputDevice class represents a single input device commonly used for gaming.
 Keyboard The Keyboard class is used to build an interface that can be controlled by a user with a standard keyboard.
 KeyboardType The KeyboardType class is an enumeration class that provides values for different categories of physical computer or device keyboards.
 KeyLocation The KeyLocation class contains constants that indicate the location of a key pressed on the keyboard or keyboard-like input device.
 Mouse The methods of the Mouse class are used to hide and show the mouse pointer, or to set the pointer to a specific style.
 MouseCursor The MouseCursor class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the cursor property of the Mouse class.
 MouseCursorData The MouseCursorData class lets you define the appearance of a "native" mouse cursor.
 Multitouch The Multitouch class manages and provides information about the current environment's support for handling contact from user input devices, including contact that has two or more touch points (such as a user's fingers on a touch screen).
 MultitouchInputMode The MultitouchInputMode class provides values for the inputMode property in the flash.ui.Multitouch class.